It seems many people who struggle to connect with their parents as flawed humans as opposed to authority figures eventually find a natural connector when they have kids. Seeing their parents interact with their grandchildren gives the relationship a new dimension.

That wasn’t my path. Frankly, I don’t completely understand people who take that path, but I spent a lot of time in my early adulthood wondering why they didn’t understand me.

I’m a person who derives great satisfaction, fulfillment even, from connecting with all kinds of people one on one. …

(Editor’s Note: When Frank Sinatra died [May 14, 1998] I was a sports writer for The Trenton Times. I immediately called the paper and asked if I could write an op-ed. After it was published I framed it and gave it to my father for Father’s Day that year. Here you see the shelf he kept it on in his music room, among his treasures. It’s the room I sleep in when I visit. Dad died on April 27, 2021. At some point I’ll feel ready to write a column about him, but in the meantime I want to share…

What are you doing in your own life to deal with racism in the United States?

This is a question I grapple with a lot since George Floyd was killed in June 2020.

Last night while watching the CBS Oprah Winfrey interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, I saw how my lens on race has shifted. Finally, a sign of progress when most times I feel like I’m moving at a glacial pace.

There are two main things I’ve done since Floyd’s death to help me understand systemic racism better. One was to start following a lot more social…

There was something about the confluence of events in the last few weeks that set a perfect stage for the magic of a Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama pairing on a podcast.

*Rolls out welcome mat*


First, a rewind.

As Texas dealt with a recent winter weather catastrophe that cost and jeopardized lives, I was disgusted and flabbergasted with the behavior of so many people. Sure, some of those people were Republican politicians in Texas who are supposed to be leaders but instead turned out to be the snakes we knew they were.

But I was more disappointed in…

Close to the beginning of the documentary Framing Britney Spears that has made a recent splash, there is a moment where Star Search host Ed McMahon is talking to 10-year-old Britney on stage after a remarkable singing performance.

He puts the microphone to her face, tells her she has pretty eyes, and asks if she has a boyfriend. The little girl answers that she doesn’t.

“They’re mean,” she says.

Something in her eyes makes me think she’s pulling it from somewhere deeper.

McMahon looks surprised, wondering aloud if she means all boys.

It’s a fascinating exchange that makes me sit…

For 88 minutes on Instagram I watched Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talk about what she experienced at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

As she spoke, emotionally and sometimes scattered, I felt myself tear up a few times. The idea of hiding from danger in one’s own workplace hit me strongly. The questions about who to trust felt unthinkable, yet clearly it was her reality in the moment. A Capitol officer never identified himself as such — whose side was he on? With pounding on her office door, screams of “Where is she?” …

Doesn’t the whole spiritual love positivity be the change unity thing start to sound like mumbo jumbo after a while? Is it just me?

I know it’s well-intentioned and even a desirable way to be. I even strive to be it sometimes.

But there are maybe three people on the planet who are capable of staying highly informed and maintaining a Zen state, remaining blissfully unaffected while our Department of Homeland Security is telling us there is a very real threat of domestic terrorism occurring right now. …

Four years of a nightmare are in the rearview mirror. January 20, 2021 was a joyful day for many of us. I laughed, cried, noshed, drank mimosas, wore pearls, reveled in Lady Gaga’s passion, obsessed over our new discovery in poet Amanda Gorman.

And I spent some of the day in unrest.

That’s right. While most of my tribe celebrated, I had lingering moments of dread and fear for the future.

You see, I saw this Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory as a culmination of hard work. Marching in 2017, keeping our elected reps on speed dial, emailing them…

As part of my desire to stay sharp and key in to living as best I can, I like to occasionally take classes or workshops as a sort of tune-up. After all, I’m a life coach and I owe it to my clients to keep my own house in order, so to speak, while shepherding them through their own challenges.

When I read that Sheri Salata, an entrepreneur I’d met back when she was president of HARPO/OWN, was leading a five-day workshop called Write Your New Story 2021, I knew it was the perfect way to set a fresh tone…

I’m standing in CVS looking at the racks of cards. I want to buy one for a family member. Do I wish this person a happy birthday? Yes, I do. Am I going to send a card lauding this person as inspirational or a beacon in my life? No, I’m not. It proves challenging, but I find something basic and honest and put it in my basket.

This person dropped me in 2016 shortly after the presidential election. I wrote a column back then about how Donald Trump’s victory was race-based and I quoted, anonymously, extended family members who’d said…

Nancy Colasurdo

Columnist, Blogger, Author, Coach in the Greater NYC area. Six-word bio: Zen chick with a Jersey edge. Favorite topics: gender, politics, race, meaning of life.

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