Chris, first of all, thanks for the thoughtful response. The piece is fantasy, as in the kind that isn’t meant to come true. It’s supposed to make a statement, present a thought-provoking scenario. As for what bothers you, clearly you’re responding to my pure, unfiltered anger over the rights of women always hanging in the balance and now under all-out attack. It’s infuriating. So maybe go back and read the line about the women and the many men who love them again for some perspective. I have zero desire to deodorize this piece in any way so that other people are comfortable with it. Deal with our legitimate anger or don’t. Your choice. Thanks again for reading.

Columnist, Blogger, Author, Coach in the Greater NYC area. Six-word bio: Zen chick with a Jersey edge. Favorite topics: gender, politics, race, meaning of life.

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